About the Company

Located in Sarasota, Florida, GravityFree - The Smart Business Web Agency - is a full-service Web agency specializing in everything Web. In 1997, we started making websites, and we are now a full-fledged advertising agency for the Internet, offering consultation, creation and implementation of online digital strategies, which includes; design, architecture, programming, marketing, ongoing analysis and reporting of the clients' online success and refinement of the digital strategy.
Our clients range from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies and represent many industries. Our projects range from corporate identity websites to fully integrated eBusiness solutions. Check out some of our clients.
We Can Be Your Online Partner

We have recently expanded our offerings by creating online contests and new types of affiliate programs for some of our clients and are developing new and exciting ways for visitors to interact with their clients' websites.

To be in the technology industry is to be in an industry that requires continual evolution, innovation and risk taking. GravityFree drives the market to excellence through its commitment to technology, innovation, staff, community, and, most of all, its clients.

Our Philosophy

GravityFree is dedicated to providing measurable results to businesses looking to increase their sales, marketing and overall exposure through a well-designed and well-architected Internet presence. We manage our clients' projects with great care, and we work hard to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, our partners and our community.

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