Web 2.0

What started as a buzzword to re-energize the technology industry following the "dot com Bust", the idea of "Web 2.0" has transformed from a widely-perceived marketing gimmick into a community driven, collaborative revolution. A site is considered to be Web 2.0 when the basis of its power hinges on the participation of its visitors. Many users experience this in social networking services like MySpace and Facebook, or community blogging tools such as WordPress or Blogger. Web 2.0 doesn't end there. The power of social communication can also be seen in Amazon and online stores, where peer reviews and discussion boards help motivate and inform potential customers. It's the power of word of mouth, right on your desktop.
But incorporating social utilities within an online experience takes more than just the desire to become the next Facebook. Web 2.0 is all about collaboration and community. It's about knowing your customer more than you ever expected to and creating products that encourage them to be creative. Building a 2.0-oriented site takes careful planning, bright ideas and a special kind of technological kung fu. It's never easy to predict what your audience will be looking for next, to convince them that your idea is what they've been after all along. GravityFree can help you get organized, learn about your users, and get social. Oh, and did we mention we blog too?