Online Banner Advertising

Although search engine marketing is a vital component of any online marketing campaign, users generally only spend 5% of their browsing time using search engines. The other 95% is spent on content sites, blogs, ecommerce sites and portals. Many website publishers promote banner advertising, but which sites are the right sites to advertise on?
Radio, print and television advertisers have been asking themselves similar questions for decades, relying on ratings and subscriber numbers for answers. The Internet provides even more data about consumers such as click-thru-rates and impressions.
Banner Ads in the Modern Market

Pay-per-click companies like Google, MSN and Yahoo! have changed the advertising landscape in terms of online ads, and advertisers stand to gain from the level of sophistication of the search network technology over traditional media placement. Advertisers will be able to more effectively target banner ads based on demographics, user history, behavioral targeting and other valuable intelligence about when, where and why a consumer is surfing the Web.

In addition to this revolutionary development in online banner ad delivery, banner ad campaign statistics will be integrated with other online efforts such as Pay-per-click advertising, eMail marketing and search engine optimization so that advertisers can plan and implement comprehensive online marketing campaigns that match messages to the market efficiently and effectively.

GravityFree has developed a process to analyze, develop and execute banner advertising campaign that can help you make the most of your online opportunity. We can design, traffic and monitor online banner ads that can save advertisers from investing excessive funds while trying to acquire new customers. We can also test and refine ad campaigns based on accurate and timely intelligence that provides insight into your customers' online habits and tendencies.

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