Pay-per-click Marketing

Any company that is serious about their Internet presence must consider Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing as part of its online strategy. PPC marketing combines the reach of search engines with millions of searches per day with the power of ad placement technology.
Companies can choose when and where they want to show an ad, along with whom they want to see it. PPC advertising eliminates the time and money wasted on delivering an ad to the wrong audience or viewers, common with traditional advertising. Another major benefit of PPC advertising is that it can be measured and tracked in a quantifiable method.
Pay-per-click Fundamentals

PPC marketing allows an advertiser to bid on keyterms that a searcher may use while they are on a major search engine such as Google, Yahoo! or MSN. Once a searcher selects those keyterms, an advertiser's ad would show alongside the free or "organic" search results. If the searcher clicks on the ad to find out more, then the advertiser is charged a small fee based on their bid, hence "Pay-per-click".

Although the theory behind this marketing is simple, an effective PPC campaign requires keyterm research, ad composition, effective bidding and landing page selection. Once a campaign is underway, regular monitoring can improve a campaign's return on investment to meet an advertiser's goals.

GravityFree can help plan, implement and monitor a PPC campaign that takes advantage of the most recent changes in search marketing technology. Our experienced team of search engine marketing professionals has the experience and knowledge that will help you make the most of your Internet marketing strategy.

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