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Written by GravityFree
onMonday, August 4th, 2014
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Email Is Still The Killer App

Email marketing can be an important part of your overall online communications plan. Not only can it help drive relevant traffic to your website, it can increase overall brand awareness, build credibility, and lead directly to conversions / sales.

eMail marketing (i.e. e-newsletters, e-blasts, e-postcards, e-surveys, etc.) is a cost-effective way of getting your message to your audience: no printing fees, no time collating or folding, no postage costs, saves on time, and costs don’t increase proportionally with volume sent.

Targeted Marketing Via Email

Email is still the most popular use of the Internet today. It is a proactive form of communication, one in which your message can be highly strategic and segmented/targeted to specific audiences. Strategic communications = successful communications. email marketing and communications can and should enhance your website by:

  • Driving traffic to website
  • Providing content for search engines
  • Increasing inbound links
  • Establishing credibility to visitors
  • Providing unparalleled measurability
  • Leading to higher conversion rates

Every Company Requires Communication With Their Audience

GravityFree considers email marketing with every website we design. Our e-newsletters and e-postcards are created so that content, images and links can easily be inserted into an html formatted template. Our email marketing includes a database for list management and distribution. GravityFree can help you define your email communication goals and put together a strategy based on these goals. An effective eMail communications strategy should include these main components:

  • Content
  • Layout
  • Building & maintaining a subscriber base
  • Distribution
  • Measure & Tracking
  • Managing & Maintenance

Start building meaningful relationships with your audience now…