Floral Holiday Marketing Campaigns


Written by GravityFree
on Saturday, March 21st, 2015
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A Full-Fledged Campaign for Selling Holiday Flowers

FlowerManager®, an enterprise-level e-commerce marketing platform, is the most successful online sales software in the floral industry. Large private florists in over 70 markets utilize FlowerManager® to effectively dominate their markets with the wide array of powerful tools that the software offers.

GravityFree’s 360º floral marketing program helps many of these florists maximize their impact throughout the year. These marketing services include search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, social media management, email marketing, creative design and conversion optimization. During the major holidays (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day), it is especially important that the florists take advantage of the increased demand in a highly competitive online space in order to sustain profitability and increase the number of longterm customers.

GravityFree develops marketing campaigns that integrate all of the tactics mentioned above, as well as video production, to create cohesive holiday messaging campaigns that follow the customer throughout their online buying cycle. Take a look at the 2014 Holiday package.

Dynamic Graphics

Although color and impact are factors we consider when we develop artwork for our florists, ultimately we are concerned with how well the messaging converts visitors into sales. The staff at GravityFree works tirelessly to create just the right graphics, through conversion optimization, that strike the best balance between brand messaging, usability, and actionable elements. This has helped lead to consistent improvement across all of our florists, who see substantial growth in their ecommerce conversion rates.

Florist marketing feature area

Floral marketing feature area

Communications Strategy

Through blogging, social media, and video, GravityFree uses online engagement strategies to help increase awareness and amplify emotional energy around holiday messaging. This helps draw new customers to our clients’ sites and increases the likelihood that existing customers will consider other choices for their gift giving. Increased engagement via social media also helps grow inbound links to our clients’ sites, boosting their organic performance.

Responsive Email

As email service providers become more stringent in defending against spam and more email moves through mobile operating systems, GravityFree has adapted and improved our email marketing services. We look to grow email lists with active subscribers and regularly manage and segregate lists based on buying habits, online activity, demographics, and other criteria so that we can cater our email messages to subscribers to make them buy more often. Our florists have seen growth of 20% to 30% in email revenue despite all of the obstacles that today’s email marketers encounter.

Florist Marketing Feature Area

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.12.09 PM

Success With A Bow

Each of these tactics helps our floral clients achieve their online goals, but combined they inflate the successes even further. As each holiday passes, GravityFree becomes more effective at integrating our messaging and creating effective marketing solutions.