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Written by GravityFree
onWednesday, October 13th, 2010
in Design

Technology Doesn’t Sit Still

GravityFree specializes in delivering online solutions that leverage the most up-to-date trends in interactive design, programming and marketing with the most experienced and qualified Web development team in Southwest Florida. We have developed a system of analysis, implementation and review to maximize the Web’s potential for generating revenue, improving efficiency and developing new and existing markets.

There is no simple answer for how a company can achieve its business objectives online. There are several diverse solutions for every challenge a company faces, as well as emerging opportunities that can dramatically shift industry expectations over night.

Digital Strategy

The process begins with a Digital Strategy. We assess a client’s business objectives and determine how to accomplish these objectives online. We identify a client’s market in order that we can develop effective tactics to connect with and convert these users quickly and efficiently. These solutions can include a search engine strategy, an eMail campaign strategy or a social networking strategy. Wherever a client’s market lives online, we can envision, develop and maintain an online solution that produces the results that your business needs to succeed.


If our solution involves changing a client’s corporate Web presence, we create a wireframe to allow clients an opportunity to see a blue print of our digital solution. Whether it is a simple corporate ID site, or a complex eCommerce site with multiple levels of sophistication, a client has an understanding of how users will interact with their new site before anything is designed and implemented.


Once a client approves the Digital Strategy, GravityFree begins to develop an online version of the wireframe. This allows our Web Producers the opportunity to craft seamless online solutions that accommodate every user, while keeping business objectives in focus. Our solutions are internally vetted to ensure that the project lives up to our high level of expectation. Once the online wireframe is complete, the project is designed by our award-winning design staff to maximize impact, compatibility, ease-of-use and effectiveness.


We like to think that we are never done. As online technology changes and industries evolve, we constantly review, modify and recreate our tactical approaches in order to improve return on investment. This also makes us strategic partners with our clients. We become fully committed to their long-term success through dynamic application of online solutions, solutions that defy gravity.