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onTuesday, May 13th, 2014
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Organic Search Engine Results

Natural or organic search results are the search engine page results which are not sponsored by advertisers. These natural search results are achieved by numerous factors. Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask use formulas or algorithms to rank a website in their search results. These formulas change quite often to give the visitors relevant websites in their search results.

This process of modifying a website and generating inbound links to improve performance in search results is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The process involves constant monitoring and adjustments.

A good SEO company should know what the search engines are looking for today. Each search engine has its own set of formulas. We do an in-depth analysis of the latest trends and techniques and help you design your website based on these considerations.

Usability Matters

However, it’s important not to “over SEO” your website. We believe it is very important that the site’s primary focus is on serving the needs of the customer. When the pages are just stuffed with repeated keywords, you may get good rankings, but no one will stay on your site. Always think of the site visitor and what they want.

SEO is an ongoing process. Why? Because SEO is continually changing. What you see today might not be seen tomorrow or the following week. In order to stay on top of the rankings, we monitor the search industry and analytics and adjust your SEO campaign accordingly. GravityFree offers SEO in Sarasota, our hometown, as well as around the world. We’d love the opportunity to speak with you about your search marketing needs.

Search Engine Optimization Is More Than Keywords

SEO, much like any other expertise can be looked at from the outside and seem simple. Maybe it is simple for some markets without strong competition, at least for now… but for most people that want to compete and dominate their markets it requires serious planning and detail-oriented execution. If you don’t get the customers now your competitor will.

It is an expertise that continues to change daily and requires a thorough knowledge of all the working parts if you are to control it, rather than just hoping it works. The more competitive the market the more work that is required. And that work is required on a regular basis because your competitors are continually reacting to you, just like you are reacting to them.

It’s more than making a few obvious keywords show up at the top of search engine results. It’s finding all of the different keywords that drive traffic and targeting all of them, without making your site look like it’s been over optimized with keywords, because that will lower your conversions. Remember your site is made for customers, not Google.

It’s about converting potential visitors into buyers. The quality, not just the placement, of the search engine result has a significant impact on converting visitors into into buyers. That means having solid local listings and having ratings tied to your search result; securing positive reviews and addressing negative ones. It’s showing potential buyers that they can trust you. It’s accomplishing all of this without making your site look like it’s been stuffed with keywords at the expense of the user experience.

It considers social media, blogging, site content, inbound links… everything is tied together. It’s not just stuffing some keywords into your site. While making sure your site is optimized is important, all of the other offsite factors are even more important.

GravityFree SEO consists of the best practices of SEO distilled down to their most basic principles, the most bang-for-your-buck essentials, the 80/20 lean weight of what works towards gaining results in the organic landscape carried out with absolute precision in an ongoing process.

Here is the 10,000 foot view on our SEO campaigns and what you can expect when working with us.

The SEO Process

We have a three phase process. Obviously there is a lot more detail that goes in to each section, but this is to give a general perception of what you can expect in each phase and what kind of things we focus on during each phase of our campaigns.


  • Company Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Local Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Onsite Content Research
  • Onsite Assessments
  • Resource Assessment
  • Tracking & Analytics Setup



  • Meta Data
  • Written Content Onsite
  • Structured Content
  • Link Structuring
  • Proper Categories & Group
  • Local Landing Pages
  • Local Listings Assessment
  • Local Listing Tracking



  • Onsite Body Content
  • Blogging
  • Social Content
  • Social Interconnectivity
  • Link Building
  • Community Building
  • Review Gathering

The Constants

These are things that don’t really fit into any direct “phase” they are constants, things we are constantly doing, re-iterating, monitoring, acting on and pushing forward regardless of where you are in your campaign. There are obviously more but here are a few examples.

  • Reporting – sending detailed reports of our organic, social and local presence every month showing the detailed results of our campaign.
  • Tracking – tracking your organic SERP’s and local presence, always keeping an eye on where we are and where we are going.
  • Analyzing – keeping up to date on the effects of our efforts, keeping an eagle eye on the competition and capitalizing on our strengths.
  • Posting – constantly pushing out targeted organic content on the blog, on social media and in communities across the web.
  • Social Opportunities – acknowledging social opportunities around the web for organic goals
  • Educating – sending information to our clients and educating them on best practices, tips that they can do on the ground level to help them succeed.


Each piece of the puzzle has to be meticulously put together with absolute precision, social has to be interconnected to your site in such a way that you are providing value to the people who are following you, your site has to provide value for the information you post socially to be relevant. Your site has to be structured properly to convert local buyers, your local listings have to be optimized in such a way that opens the door to local searches for your business.

There are plenty of individual pieces that have to come together in a synced up cohesive ecosystem to succeed in SEO, and that’s what we excel at. It’s an investment in the long-haul to make short-term gains and long term absolution in your market.

SEO does not have a magical solution. It’s not witchcraft. It’s not a secret recipe for success online. It’s a constantly evolving behemoth of a convoluted mess that we have to study, analyze, test & experiment to stay ahead of the field and to earn our territory in a highly competitive yet highly profitable ever-changing landscape.

With over 400 ranking factors in Google alone it takes dedicated effort to stay an expert on the subject, knowing what works, what matters and what needs to be focused on while also making you flourish with organic traffic.

We get you more organic traffic, we make the pain go away. That’s what we focus on here at GravityFree, that’s what we pride ourselves on, that’s GravityFree SEO.