Web Copywriting


Written by GravityFree
onFriday, July 11th, 2014
in Marketing

Writing For The Web

The Web is a different medium, not only because of how it communicates with your audience, but because of how it communicates with the technology that delivers it to your audience. Content should be written not only for the reader, but also the search engines that deliver your message to the reader. The two go hand in hand and require some traditional and non-traditional writing and marketing practices.

Writing for the Web is different than writing for a brochure or other printed materials. The audience is in a different frame of mind. And for the first time the audience can participate. Attention spans are shorter, and there are other websites they can access at the push of a button so make the words (their readability and legibility) count!

Projecting The Right Image

Projecting the right image through the right copy is an integral part of our process. Effective website copy must be both search engine and visitor friendly; conveying your message, while driving visitors to your site through the use of SEO writing methods/techniques. GravityFree understands that though often taken for granted, words are instrumental in determining your success, therefore, quality website copywriting and content should never be compromised.

Our copywriters work with both the client and our design department to produce, edit, and integrate content that is search engine optimized, technically correct, easy to read, informative, interesting, and professional – appealing to both first time and repeat visitors.