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Why GravityFree

We are an eclectic group of people that come together for a common goal: bringing our customers the best technical expertise, design sense, and business savvy that Southwest Florida has to offer.

Real Experience

We've built hundreds of complex websites and generated multi-million dollars in online sales.

Awesome Design

Engaging your customers requires meaningful content, insightful usability and visual beauty.

Diverse Insight

We have 360° of insight into the web with expertise covering design, technology and marketing.

Different Personalities Promote Different Visions

We're not just a group of people who work in the same office, we're a diverse group of incredibly passionate people who truly care about everything we do. Not just our work, everything. We have a wide range of interests and when we do things we invest our heart and souls. We're made up of musicians, Roller Derby girls (seriously), scuba divers, photographers, a black belt ninja, a professional comedian, filmmakers, gamers, and more comic book connoisseurs than you can shake a stick at.

The best part of our team is that we can jam together, cook together, try new restaurants together, whatever... and we always manage to have a great time doing it. Because of that close connection we have a great collaborative environment. We excel at making and marketing websites because we're committed to everything that we do. We make each other better.

Scott Heaps

Founder & Minister of Music

Ken Sons

General Manager & Wisecracker

John Barron

Internet Marketing Director & Extreme Cyclist

Kim Mullins

Client Experience Director & Disneyphile

Vivia Martin

Office Manager & Voracious Reader

Lance Lobo

Cinematographer & Ball Crusher

Eric Price

Director of Platform Architecture & Fish Whisperer

Tim Knight

Director of User Experience & Ninja (Seriously.)

Rob Kuhn

Director of Software Engineering & Prestidigitator

Sean Lamberger

Creative Director & Superhero

Andrea Cannistra

Interactive Director & Underwater Adventurer

Kevin Van Leer

Conversion Optimizer & Super Fast Human

Morgan Trent

Marketing Designer & Bone Collector

Cemantha Crain

Email Media Marketer & Thespian

Sarah Bikos

Social Media Marketer & Derby Girl

Travis Sink

SEO Specialist & Beach Volleyballist

Chris Falzone

SEO Specialist & Holder of Clubs

Justin Scott

Network Administrator & Extraterrestrial

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