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We're a boutique digital agency that's been defying gravity for 20+ years by building and marketing out-of-this-world websites for florists.

I have been working with Gravity Free for about 10 years now. Our experience has been positive and has resulted in much growth for our company due to the collaboration we have had with them.

If you are looking to build a relationship with a floral marketing company that will give you honest feedback and quality advice, then I would highly recommend Gravity Free and its team. I couldn't give higher praise to Scott and his team, you will find is quality lines of products and services that will help you grow your company.
Russ Griffin Griffin’s Floral Designs External Link (icon)
We have had the FlowerManager website since 2005. GravityFree has managed our marketing since 2016, and they have been the best fit for us. They manage the website and related functions such as emails, blogs, images, social media, SEO, etc. They are a complete team of experts capable of bringing you top placement and customers in the world of online business. Their team is constantly working to ensure top performance, and they are there when you need them. They know ecommerce, they know marketing, they know floral..... impeccable!
Nancy Carrington Marco Island Florist External Link (icon)
The Web site allows us to compete as equals with the so-called big hitters. The website and the support that accompanies it eliminates the advantage the national brands once had. The site has changed us from a nice flower shop to the leader in our market. Add quality sales staff, good designers, clean-cut delivery staff. We have raised the bar and our competitors cannot compete. Defense never wins a game.
Mike Cox Casas Adobes Flower Shop External Link (icon)
Yes, the numbers are great but what has truly exceeded my expectations is the amazing customer service provided to us by GravityFree. The personal contact, weekly/sometimes daily phone calls, constant availability to answer every question I can come up with, their extreme organization has completely blown me away! Every person that I have worked with so far at Gravity Free has my shop's best interest in mind and they truly want my business to become the best of the best! I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Gravity Free and I know that their team will be with me every step of the way
Heather Sullivan Durocher Florist External Link (icon)
Since migrating my website to GravityFree, my sales have increased more than 500%. Monthly conference calls, online video training, specialists for SEO, PPC, emails... their service is absolutely top-notch. I can't say enough about this team.
David L. Kraft Nanz & Kraft Florists External Link (icon)
I use Gravity Free to manage my SEO, PPC, Adwords, email marketing and social media. Prior to that, I jumped from one hustler to the next looking for someone with honesty and who was results-minded. GravityFree is a super company with talented people .... The results have been phenomenal in all areas. They have dedicated people who work each area and are very good at what they do.
Bud Dauphin Schaaf Floral External Link (icon)
What an extraordinary company with an amazing team of people from the top to the bottom. Everyone is so easy to work with and really knows their stuff. Gravity Free has been growing our website since 2004 and we couldn't be happier.
Kathie Anechiarico Blossom Flower Shops External Link (icon)
I have been using FlowerManager for several years and have been thrilled with the site. We had another agency helping us with the marketing but they weren’t providing the level of service we were looking for so we moved to GravityFree’s 360º program. The difference was night and day and immediate. GravityFree’s team delivered amazing results, made everything look nicer, and we have great communication with our new marketing team. I couldn’t be happier.
Jill Magee Bosland's Flower Shop External Link (icon)
Teaming with GravityFree and their FlowerManager platform has been one of the best business choices we have made this decade. Paired with GravityFree’s 360º program, we were able to dominate our local market with ease and continue to see massive gains year over year. From top to bottom, the entire team is super responsive to questions and ideas and offers a progressive approach to growing our business both online and locally. We couldn’t imagine doing what we do, as well as we do it without our partnership with our friends at GravityFree.
Paul Danehy Jr. Curran's Flowers External Link (icon)
LOVE THE TEAM! Such a great company with fantastic and knowledgeable employees. Hiring Gravityfree for our website and marketing needs has forever changed my 101-year-old family business in the best way possible. They make life so easy for us. Constantly staying fresh and helping us come up with new ideas and marketing tips that pertain to our industry and location. Their 360 program handles all our needs such as sending out weekly emails, optimizing our website, social media & much much more. They are always there when we need them at all hours. I have nothing but amazing things to say about them. Love every single one of them.
Nicole Palazzo Cityline Florist External Link (icon)
We went from 5 website orders a day to over 20 orders a day. Our average order increased by 25%. The customer service is the absolute best there is.
Nicki Argo Mary Murray's Flowers External Link (icon)
When Scott had first said you would be partners with us, I didn't realize that he meant it with everything we do. You all have been there for us during the weekends and nights. You guys make me feel truly blessed and I am so happy that we boarded the GravityFree boat when we did. It has been a wonderful experience and I am extremely happy and excited for the future. There are websites & marketing companies and then there is GRAVITYFREE. You folks are the best, there is no one out there like you all.
Sonari Pathak Flower Kingdom External Link (icon)
The FlowerManager system is the best floral e-commerce platform on the market and our partnership with GravityFree’s marketing team is integral to our success. For the first time, our web out performed our call center.
Walter Knoll Walter Knoll Florists External Link (icon)
This is one of the most valuable business tools that we have. We have been on the platform for 10+ years and we are still growing 20% +. The attention to detail and the new versions that have been released over the years keeps our look fresh and at top performance. Their 360º program where they help market your site though email, social, SEO, and PPC is worth the money you spend. If you are serious about having a strong web presence in your market this is the best option hands down.
Adam Van Winkle Stadium Flowers External Link (icon)
GravityFree is phenomenal. They created my FlowerManager website, which is state-of-the-art and industry-leading. I have had many websites before coming to GravityFree. Nothing compares. It was the best decision I could make for my business. The support for the website is top-notch. Always extremely responsive to me and my needs. Emails and calls are always answered promptly. That's very important to me. My business works with many members of the GravityFree team, each of who have been great. They run a great firm. Look no further than GravityFree you will not be disappointed. Highly recommend!
Jackie Levine Central Square Florist External Link (icon)
GravityFree has been managing my floral e-commerce, my social media, and pay-per-click efforts and they have exceeded my expectations!!! This company is a leader in this field, so glad I made the decision to outsource this area of my business to them. The results are way above average expectations.
David Hicks Conklyn's Florist External Link (icon)
Exceptional service and great product! The team behind FlowerManager is truly a great team of hardworking individuals. They have put a lot into making sure this is the best website for the flower industry. Managing products and the whole website is easy to use! Anytime I have a question everyone is very helpful with getting answers to me in a very timely manner.
Nikki Lemler Welke's Florist External Link (icon)
This company is simply incredible. The performance of their website is unmatched, outshined only by the caliber of people who work at Gravity Free. Moving onto the Flower Manager platform was one of the best decisions we ever made and the successes of those on it speaks for itself. It’s rare to find such an extraordinary combination of product, people and services and it’s been a pleasure since day one. Thank you!
Taylor Ferry Robertson's Flowers External Link (icon)

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