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Why GravityFree

We are an eclectic group of marketers, designers, writers, and developers that come together for a common goal: to help our customers dominate floral sales both online and in-store while cultivating a unique local brand presence that stands the test of time.

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Floral Experience

We've worked hand-in-hand with florists around the country to understand their challenges.

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Awesome Design

Engaging your customers requires meaningful content, insightful usability and visual beauty.

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Diverse Insight

As a Premier Google Partner we have expertise covering design, technology and marketing.

Different PersonalitiesPromote Better Collaboration

We're not just a group of people who work in the same office; we're a diverse group of incredibly passionate people who genuinely care about everything we do. Not just our work, everything. We have a wide range of interests, and when we do things, we invest our hearts and souls. We're made up of musicians, travelers, photographers, crossfitters, boaters, farmers, a professional comedian (I'm not joking), filmmakers, gamers, and more comic book connoisseurs than you can shake a stick at.

We #DominateFloral because we're 100% committed to everything we do.

Portrait of John Barron Picture of Chrysanthemums

John Barron

VP of Operations

Portrait of Cemantha Crain Picture of Iris

Cemantha Crain

Director of Marketing

Portrait of Chris Falzone Picture of Spider Mum
Spider Mum

Chris Falzone

Director of Floral Marketing

Portrait of Maritza Gonnelli Picture of Hydrangea

Maritza Gonnelli

Director of Email Marketing

Portrait of Megan Gerace Picture of Scabiosa Pods
Scabiosa Pods

Megan Gerace

Ecommerce Strategist

Portrait of Tiffany Waterman Picture of Hyacinth

Tiffany Waterman

Director of SEO

Portrait of Brad Blackburn Picture of Blue Passion Flower
Blue Passion Flower

Brad Blackburn

Director of SEM

Portrait of Scott Heaps Picture of The Hat Flower
The Hat Flower

Scott Heaps

Founder & Doer of Things

Portrait of Ken Sons Picture of Orchid

Ken Sons

Director of Operations

Portrait of Rob Kuhn Picture of Pansy

Rob Kuhn

Director of Software Engineering

Portrait of Eric Price Picture of Queen of the Night
Queen of the Night

Eric Price

Director of Platform Architecture

Portrait of Sean Lamberger Picture of Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise

Sean Lamberger

Creative Director

Portrait of Briana DeFilippis Picture of Ranunculus

Briana DeFilippis

Director of Social Media

Portrait of Mary Wilson Picture of Dahlias

Mary Wilson

Director of SEO Research

Portrait of Rachel Scheidt Picture of Sunflower

Rachel Scheidt

Director of SEM Research

Portrait of Morgan Trent Picture of Pin-cushion Protea
Pin-cushion Protea

Morgan Trent

Floral Marketing Designer

Portrait of Elyse Erdman Picture of Tulips

Elyse Erdman

Social Media Specialist

Portrait of Amanda Kornak Picture of Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily)
Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily)

Amanda Kornak

Director of Content

Portrait of Cat Lafuente Picture of Hibiscus

Cat Lafuente

Content Strategist

Portrait of Max Reedy Picture of Amarylis

Max Reedy

Email Marketing Specialist

Portrait of Lennon Heaps Picture of Crocus

Lennon Heaps

Reputation Management Specialist

Portrait of Vaughan Heaps Picture of Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom

Vaughan Heaps

Reputation Management Specialist

Portrait of Bleep Blorp Picture of Echinopsis Trichocereus Lobivia hybrid cactus
Echinopsis Trichocereus Lobivia hybrid cactus

Bleep Blorp

Director of Intergalactic Affairs

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