E-Commerce Solutions


Written by GravityFree
onSaturday, April 12th, 2014
in Floral

E-Commerce Built Just For Your Business

E-commerce Websites can take your products and services global and your business to new heights. Our secure, scalable, and fully customizable E-commerce software solutions encompass all of the functions necessary for your online selling success.

More people are relying on the Internet to complete everyday tasks. An E-commerce Website allows small to medium-sized companies to compete with larger companies for a greater share of the market; geographic boundaries no longer impede businesses that choose to reach a market through the broad spectrum of the Internet. We will provide you with a full range of E-commerce solutions to fit your individual business needs.

Create New Online Opportunities

To make the most of an E-commerce site, a company must generate opportunities quickly and effectively. Timed Coupons, loyalty programs, contests and other online promotions help a company discover new doorways into reaching new online customers and making existing customers more profitable. At GravityFree, we have developed tools to design and implement online promotions that are effective and trackable.

Develop An Online Relationship Based On Trust

Is your current E-commerce site PCI-compliant? As more and more users shop online, one of the best ways to help a customer make a buying decision is to give the user the trust that they need when they purchase online. Our PCI-compliant E-commerce engine integrates with major merchant service providers so that you can do business the way that you want to, and sensitive customer data is protected. Our database servers are stored in a secure and dependable environment so that you can count on optimum service.

Gain Valuable Intelligence

With improved analytics, you can determine how customers behave and where they come from (locally from Sarasota, FL or out of town from Austin, TX) when they visit your online store. With this gained intelligence, products and promotions can be easily manipulated and reorganized to maximize return on investment (ROI). When do customers abandon your checkout process? What is your bounce rate? How much time do you users spend online? All of these questions can be answered and acted upon to improve your bottom line.