Integrating Social Media and Blogs


Written by GravityFree
onFriday, January 2nd, 2015
in Social

A Match Made on the Internet

In the past, blogging and social media have been considered two very separate channels. Blogs were specifically written to contain longer and serious messages, while social media has a tendency to keep the content short and sweet. There is no reason, however, that one can not feed into the other. That not only can they complement each other, but they can help the other gain loyal followers. Someone who follows you on Facebook may not follow your blogs, and vice versa. There are a couple of easy things that you can do to invite your followers to cross over from one platform to the other.

Integrating Social Media with Blogs

Add Social Media Buttons

Let’s say someone found your blog via your website. They may not already follow you socially. Putting a social media button on your blog lets them have easy access to your social platforms, whether they are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest. These buttons make it very simple for them to become new social followers.

Like, Share, and Follow

You want to give your followers a variety of ways to interact with your content. Some people prefer to like your blog, while some would rather comment on it, and preferably, share it. Same with your social media channels. They can easily find, like, and follow you on a social media platform directly from the blog.

Add Widgets

The goal of your blog is to provide relevant and entertaining content to your reader, and if they enjoy said content you want them to share it with the world. Adding social sharing widgets makes it easy and convenient for your followers to share this content, thus expanding your exposure.


By integrating your blog with your social media channels you are giving yourself more exposure to your followers while gaining potential new followers. If your blog content is interesting and relevant people will also follow you on social media, and if your social media is interesting and relevant people will read your blogs. You will make it easier for them to share and interact with your blogs socially just by adding these simple functions. You will also give yourself better visibility and increase your search engine rankings.