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Sell more flowers with our floral e-commerce and marketing platform. Built with a mobile first design philosophy and deep POS integration, FlowerManager® is used by the industry's leading local florists and helps them generate well over two hundred million dollars in floral sales annually.

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Industry Leader

Our floral eCommerce platform helps florists #DominateFloral with incredible growth each year.

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Expert Advice

Inspired local florists share insights with each other to continually evolve their floral businesses.

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It takes more than a great platform to dominate and we provide the marketing to ensure you do.

Conquer Your Local Floral Market

FlowerManager® isn't just a website. It's an entire suite of florist-specific tools and the accompanying florist marketing services that help you #DominateFloral. FlowerManager® makes it easy to sell online, over the phone, at the front counter, from a pop-up store at the farmer's market, or even from the comfort of your home.

This unified approach allows us to understand 360° about your customers' shopping habits and provide them with personalized marketing based on their browsing and buying history. It also makes it much easier for you to only manage a single catalog and inventory for both online and offline sales.

Managing your catalog, customers, and sales is incredibly easy, and our intelligent merchandising tools put the right products in front of the right buyers at the right time. Need to work remotely? No problem. Having trouble training staff on complicated and archaic software? No problem. FlowerManager® is powerful AND easy. #DominateFloral

Mobile-First Design Perfect Experience on Every Device

Modern shoppers are flexible. So are we. FlowerManager® sites are made to work seamlessly on every device. Whether your customer is on-the-go or ordering from their desktop, the process is extremely user-friendly and designed to provide a great user experience. The site has been designed and is continually tested to quickly get buyers where they need to be and ensure their visit turns into a sale.

We've re-engineered every page from the ground up using a mobile-first design approach to meet or exceed every current standard. We started with the mobile experience and worked from there, tweaking features specifically for each device, making it faster and easier for shoppers to find what they want.

Incredibly Powerful Customer and Florist Focused Features

FlowerManager® has more features than you can shake a stick at (specifically designed to solve the needs of florists, btw), yet we keep it incredibly easy to make use of those features. We create tools that allow you to provide customers with exactly what they need while keeping it convenient and profitable for you. Gaining expert insight from the nation's leading florists helps us to understand florists' challenges and create solutions that solve them.

FlowerManager® puts all of the important details of how your online business is performing right up front in your Performance Dashboard. How many orders do you have today? What's your average order? What's your average revenue from the site? Today, yesterday, the last 7 days. Compared to another time period. Whatever you need.

Your Shop Just Got Smarter

What if your website was smart enough to help you keep your products organized? You could always feel confident that your customers were always picking the best arrangement for their specific needs and you wouldn't have to worry about products never being found because you accidentally assigned them to the wrong group.

In FlowerManager®, we've made product categorization really smart. Automatically update a category based on keyword, price, availability, sale conditions, and many more options. So when you change your products your categories will change right along with them. No mess, no having to remove sold out items from a category, and that's more time you can spend bringing even more value to your customers.

eCommerce & Digital Marketing for Florists

Combining an integrated marketing plan and support with our inside-out knowledge of the powerful features of the FlowerManager® platform makes us unbeatable. And our unique ability to continually create new features to support new marketing efforts and solve your business challenges ensures that you will #dominatefloral in your market.

With FlowerManager®, you get exclusivity, so you'll never have another shop on our platform in your city. We become your partner, and you'll collaborate with your personal FlowerManager® team of experts that know your brand inside out.

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Expert Floral Partners

The Bloominati Collective®

GravityFree is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with some of the best florists in the country. Our florists work together to share insights they've gathered from multi-generations of expertise as leaders in the floral business. We have some of the most progressive thinkers and marketers in the industry. No one is sitting still, they're all looking forward to how to better serve their customers so they can continue to dominate the ever evolving floral market for generations to come. Together we continue to evolve FlowerManager® as the most powerful floral e-commerce solution in the industry.

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Adam Baxter & Kristen Keifer

Anchorage, AK

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Brad Levy

San Diego, CA

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Toomie Farris

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Jackie Levine

Cambridge, MA

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Owings Mills, MD

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Philadelphia, PA

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Charles Carithers

Atlanta, GA

Norton's Florist

Cameron Pappas

Birmingham, AL

Let's Work Together

We're excited for the opportunity to work with you but understand that you might want to know a little more about GravityFree and FlowerManager®. We know that picking a web company you can trust to take your flower shop to the next level isn't easy.

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