Multimedia & Flash

When telling your story requires more than static content - GravityFree uses video, sound and interactive techniques to provide a compelling presentation for your products and services. Understanding the sensibilities of these technologies is at the core of the GravityFree philosophy. Multimedia has long surpassed the status of a mere gimmick, as it pays sizable dividends to those who know how to use it correctly. GravityFree excels in understanding when to innovate and when to incorporate a standard plan of action, not to mention the difference between the two.
Beginning with the strategic and tactical components of your multimedia effort, the GravityFree team provides specific recommendations tailored to your budget and long-term business objectives. Whether it calls for a wide-ranging and multi-channeled approach or a very specific tactical event on your site, you’ll know why and how our multimedia contributions are playing in your favor. Once the project is complete you’ll see the “wow factor” reflected in the final piece's alignment with your business goals and the positive impact it's had on your bottom line.
A Few Examples of Our Work in Action
The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall

The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall has a broad appeal with its diverse range of performing arts presentations. GravityFree created a flash homepage display that quickly features their most popular choices throughout the season, helping to increase online ticket sales.
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Lee Wetherington Homes

With a large percentage of their homebuyers coming from out of state, Lee Wetherington Homes needed a community map that quickly identifies their location in the state of Florida, but still allows for detail about the different communities.
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