Email Marketing Is The Real Deal

Cemantha Crain

Written by Cemantha Crain
onMonday, January 12th, 2015
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Social May Be Where You’re Spending, But Email is Where You Will Earn

Count on the experts at GravityFree to interpret fact from fiction when it comes to best practices, and achieve optimum results from your email marketing channel.

Despite the proliferation of social media and mobile apps to attract new leads and generate engagement, email remains the tried and true method of communicating with existing clientele, nurturing engagement and making sales.

  • A recent study by global consulting firm McKinsey&Company shows conversion rates for email are three times higher than social media – and with a 17% higher value in the conversion!
  • A 2015 Salesforce survey of 5,000 top global marketers revealed that 73% believe email is a core channel for marketing their business.
  • And ExactTarget assigns a return of $44.25 for every dollar spent on Email Marketing.

The Stats Speak For Themselves

The stats supporting email’s value and influence among marketers go on and on. Clearly, maximizing and maintaining such an essential channel must be assigned a high priority in your marketing mix. But too often, changes in technology and consumer behavior, coupled with the investment of time to develop and measure a successful email strategy, can make it tough to stay on top of best practices and achieve optimal results.

That’s where the internet marketing specialists at GravityFree can not only boost the bottom line, but free up core decision-makers and business owners to focus on tasks that are essential to the organization’s mission and goals.

Mobile Optimized Email

Responsive Email Mobile Friendly

We Can Help

Our turn-key email marketing services are easily implemented.

We start by developing a communication strategy. While a monthly e-newsletter is an effective way to engage and retain customers, targeted campaigns designed for specific list segments generate better results. The more we can drill down purchasing patterns, locations and other unique aspects of your list, the better we can communicate with them.

Our designers will develop a responsive template that extends the look, feel and message of your brand into inboxes, optimized for best experience on a phone, tablet or desktop. Utilizing the strength of blog posts and other digital assets, we populate newsletter content consistently and intelligently to build loyalty, improve retention and generate sales.

We carefully monitor open rates, click-throughs and sales metrics to determine what’s working, and tweak the aspects that can perform even better.

We keep lists healthy, removing inactive and bounced addresses, and we keep our process clean so that our clients are in the best possible position to improve results through email marketing.

So don’t get bogged down in common myths that make email out to be outdated compared to other channels, or get stuck thinking that a fully developed email strategy is too laborious to execute. Consistent email communication with customers is essential. We’re here to make it easy and effective.