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onTuesday, July 1st, 2014
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Mobile First Web Design

Website design differs from designing for other forms of media. A slew of alternate criteria requires close consideration: cross-platform compatibility, mobile devices, responsive design, usability concerns and various screen sizes are only a few of the matters factored into our everyday Website development process.

GravityFree is known for creating sites that are optimized (SEO & user experience) for the best results, while remaining easy to use. Our vast experience gives us the expertise to design the simplest of sites to the most complex and content-laden.

We are able to take the technology derived from our large enterprise projects and apply it to smaller scale applications. This ensures that all of our clients have GravityFree’s high quality in common. We deliver high profile, goal oriented, technology driven websites on time and on budget.

Define Your Goals

Ninety percent of our new business comes from companies who are looking to re-design their website. This is because most Web designers don’t take the time up front to outline the project goals and set expectations. We begin by identifying and understanding your specific needs before implementing the solutions – so that objectives are met “out of the gate.” A Web solution for one business might not be a solution for another business. It starts by creating a Digital Strategy.

Company Analysis

Every project we begin starts with identifying a client’s online business objectives. We also identify how a company’s market behaves online so that we recommend the right online tactic to connect with those users. From here, we can assess the most effective and efficient way of achieving those objectives based on a client’s market and resources.

Evaluate The Competitive Environment

No online strategy should move forward without a clear picture of a company’s online competitors. Technology changes fast and the competition can quickly overtake your market share through the effective utilization of a new online tactic. We constantly review and update our interactive knowledge and programming skills so that we can meet any online challenge head on.

Create An Online Strategy

Once we have completed our analysis, we develop an online strategy that specifies how we will help clients meet their online objectives. We thoroughly outline each step so that a client knows how we will proceed as we implement our solutions.

Utilize New Internet Marketing Tactics

A website is merely the starting place for market interaction online. To understand and manage your entire web presence, it takes a thorough knowledge of diverse and emerging web technologies. An internet marketing plan is an essential component of your Digital Strategy and each client starts a project with a firm grasp of all of their online options. Every tactic will include tools to allow for evaluation and improvement to maximize return on investment.

New Visitor Acquisition

From search engine optimization to mobile advertising, any internet marketing plan must start with new visitor acquisition. GravityFree will evaluate and recommend specific online tactics to increase a client’s reach from across the street to across the world.

Visitor Retention

GravityFree creates multiple levels of engagement so that we capture appropriate data that leads to increased conversions. We also develop tactics to maintain an ongoing conversation with visitors through effective email marketing.

Online Interaction

On todays web companies must reach out to their audience more agressively to engage them in conversation so they can tailor their digital experiences to what visitors want.. social media, blogs, and video are all part of the new generation of online engagement that companies must consider as part of their online strategy. GravityFree can help you navigate this new online frontier.

Redefine Online Processes

As online technology improves, companies must always reassess their online presence to find ways that can deliver and collect data while improving a user’s experience to maximize the desired results. GravityFree is constantly exploring the cutting edge of new technology development so that we can always offer the latest in interactive opportunities.

Content Management System

Any content management system should allow for easy management of the web site, but we create unique and engaging solutions for our clients that help them reach their full potential. We consider search engine optimization (SEO), Really Simple Syndication (RSS), data sharing between sites (YouTube, Facebook, Google+, WordPress, etc.), and any other way that content can be effectively shared and distributed giving clients the ability to control data from across online channels and far beyond their site.


We can help a client determine what online mediums best suit their market and create solutions to engage users in that arena. Whether it is through a social network, video sharing or email, we have the experience and technical expertise to implement an online communication tool that takes you where your market lives online.

Improved Usability

There are many stakeholders in the creation of a site. Data managers must be able to load and access data in an efficient manner as well as perform the functions that allow them to get the most out of their online efforts. Visitors must be able to find what they are looking for quickly and interact with online tools seamlessly. GravityFree consistently reviews and improves its framework and other tools to challenge expectations and achieve greater success for your business.